We are representatives of premium gliding manufacturers

We are the first shop of its king in Czech republic and Slovakia and we are a dealer of the premium gliding brands. We are not just a shop, but we have a lot of experience in gliding and gliding equipment and we are more than happy to help you pick the best instrument for you.

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Who are we?

We are two young glider pilots, a couple actualy, with a long experience in gliding.


Ondrej Dvorak

Glider pilot since born. Spent his youth with an RC gliders and since 2009 very successfull glider pilot. With over 1200hrs and 60+ competitions in logbook was able to gain some prestigious titles. European champio in club class 2015, Czech national champion 2014 and 2016, 2nd at FCC and Czech junior champion 2012


Katerina Pekova

Katerina comes from gliding family as well. She spent her youth on gliderport and has glider license as well.